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The Mortgage Man is owned and operated by Kelvin Watson out of Atlanta. A Georgia native, Kelvin graduated from Decatur High School and studied Business Management at West Georgia College.

Spiritually driven, Kelvin is a single, proud father of three; Eric, Lynn and Josh. He quickly became a prominent top real estate sales and listing agent.

Dealing in residential, commercial, foreclosure and investment properties, in 2003, he began his next venture by opening up a mortgage brokering company, becoming even more successful.

In 2008, while enjoying a successful life in a lucrative career, the economy crashed. All that had been built up from the real estate industry came crashing down in less than 12 months. Properties were foreclosed on. Investments failed. Family and friends diminished and life had sparrowed down to the worst.
Needing to find a new way of life, Kelvin left the industry and tried other ventures, but was unsuccessful. In 2010, after leaving the real estate industry Kelvin had an opportunity to become educated on the housing crisis in America...in great detail.
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After several classes, research, private meetings and much, much more, a new career in advocating for homeowners began. With the background of real estate, mortgages, property management, foreclosures, principal reductions and deeds, trusts, an abundance of political, legal and personal contacts...The Mortgage Man was born.
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